Sunday, September 28, 2008

I AM LEGEND - again....

I did something I never done before yesterday – Watching football alone…. Déjà vu for I am Legend, I guess…

All my friends or the gang left yesterday, some as early after Control System test last Friday… (which I flunked, and Dr Agi will surely wash me up…)

I thought I wanted to spend my time wisely, by staying put in Uni, in order to make up of lost time – (it seems) to study and do some catch-up (in fact lots of it) in my studies and assignments, which came to a halt after all the test 1s and mid-term break. So I ended up watching 3 movies, and 1 football match yesterday… My notebook is full with movies (after collecting them for like few months), and my hard disk of 80 GB was left with around 500 MB… I just can’t find time to watch those movies before this break. Am I still sort of busyman I was? I thought I gave up everything for _? I have Hellboy 1 & 2, Dragon Wars, Hitman, Meet Dave, Wall E, Dark Knight, The Oxford Murders, Death Race, U don’t Mess with Zohan, Residence Evil 1, 2 & 3, Redcliff, The Cook…. (Anybody want to copy movie???)

I watched Hitman, Wall E, and Meet Dave yesterday. Hitman was kind of cool, with not really a lot of excessive of violence. Wall E was a totally different movie. Kind of meaningful. I wonder what will happen to earth in 700 years time! But the movie of the day was Meet Dave. Eddie Murphy hasn’t changed ya… He got me laughing all the way! Was a very funny movie!

So, which movie am I going to watch today? Or more importantly, what am I going to do today? Wow, I sound so free and unproductive….

After that, I went to catch the Merseyside Derby between Everton and Liverpool, at Goodison Park. Finally someone knocked some sense into Rafa, as everyone’s dream striker-pairing of Torres and Keane started along side! It was kind of weird atmosphere at my favourite mamak stall. There were significantly less people. I was bored-out during the first half, besides getting some scares on the way by Tim Cahill and Arteta. But the second half was totally different. 2 goals in 3 minutes by Fernando Torres lit up the game. It has always been a fiery local derby match. This was the 208th tie between the two sides, which 100+ years ago, were a same team. Referee Mike Riley had to flash 6 yellows, and 1 red card. Tim Cahill getting the march after a bad tackle on Alonso.

Torres celebrates in the dismay of Evertonians....

Finally, I saw Torres in his usual self, running at defenders, and scoring, since winning EURO 08 with Spain. And his pairing with Robbie Keane promises more to come… It’s really nice to watch them play, and only an off-side ruled against Dirk Kuyt prevented El Nino to get his hat-trick!

Torres is back!!!

So that was yesterday.

Now is like 1pm. I wonder how long can I last before packing my bags and leave for maybe Melaka (to find my cousin and eat Asam Pedas at Pasar Borong, and play football at Melaka High School) or Ipoh (to errm, also eat lar, and hang out with some friends). Dad didn’t advice me to drive all the way back to JB, coz my Proton Saga isn’t that fit and healthy anymore. So maybe I’ll drive out to KL tomorrow and explore the capital, as I predict that there’ll be no jam or heavy traffic or sorts… KL should be an empty city by tonight! And thanks to my friend Jason, who spent considerably some time to draw some road maps for me, with some breath-wasting explanation to someone like me! Now, I should be able to go to Bandar Utama (1 U, The Curve, IKEA, Cinemax, Laundry Bar….), Bandar Sunway, SS 2 (UM, Murni, Williams) for a start. I give myself 2 full tanks (luckily petrol drop again) to make myself more well-versed with KL roads.

My 3rd guitar string broke last Friday (the last time I changed was like 7 years ago…). Looks like I’ll need to change all of them at once later. Too much of practices? I enjoy playing guitar nowadays! Thought of performing in uni’s foodcourt or by the corridors. I’ll perfect my guitar skills for you.

So when I have all the time in the world, I get bored and feel the emptiness… It contradicts right? When I was super busy with all the activities and meetings, not to mention studies, I longed to have some breathing space and free time. But some free time like yesterday had me grasping for something more meaningful to do!

I admit I am a very slow learner.. I need lots of time to understand and pick-up new stuffs. But do not ever write me out, coz I'd always have the confidence, that when I finally pull the strings together, I am up to any challenges and am able to perform and achieve. My record and CV speaks...

So I think I should to be thankful and appreciative with what I have. Things that didn’t go my way had sometimes been a blessing in disguise. Somehow in my life, everything comes at kind of the correct timing. It seems that everything was planned, by God. It has always been this way for me, and I hope it’ll be like that in times to come.

Happy holiday my friends!

Ps: Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends! Take care and enjoy the festive season!