Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Game

Manchester Utd came with 31m pounds striker Berbatov, along with a 4 year unbeaten record against my beloved Reds to Anfield, Liverpool. I brought a lovely friend along (coincidentally a Liverpool fan)… Hoping we won’t see a trashing, since Gerard and Torres were not in the starting line-up!

Gerard played for 20 minutes at the end

Liverpool VS Man Utd will always be one of the biggest games of the season. And frankly I wasn’t hoping much from the Reds.Their form lately wasn't that convincing.

And it seems inevitably, as Man U scored in the third minute thru Carlos Tevez… How lar???

Dirk "maggi mee hair" Kuyt did a good job!

But yet again and again, Liverpool drag themselves from ashes to gold. A Wes Brown own goal and a great goal by Ryan Babel 13 minutes from time send Liverpool to the top of the Premier League (at least for the next 2 hours) for the first time. They never gave up.

The winner at the Kop End

Ryan Babel acknowledges and points to heaven every time he scores....

I guess perseverance do make a difference at the end of the day. At times there would be frustrations and disappointments, but if we are willing to dig deep and continue working, success does come one day! And that’s what I am gonna do to make you know how important you are to me! With you I watched a fantastic football game!

And when I promise to bring you tour Switzerland and after that to Anfield, Liverpool (or Stanley Park if they build a new stadium there) when I earn my pot of gold, I do really mean it. And when I really mean it, I’ll make sure that I give my very best and all it takes, till I reach my limit. I’ve high expectations for things, and of course from my-very-self! I’ll make sure that regrets in life is just a term used by the dull and uninspired.

Life is complete with you around.


ann miracle said...

bring me to c liverpool's match again ar..haha..
"gerard gerard!!"haha..

the crusader said...

haha... kk... bring u wherever u want!