Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beijing Olympics - On The Dining Table

My previous post was about the Beijing Olympics in Lego Blocks. Now I'll let you guys see one more step further!

I wonder if the chefs are professional artists. You take a look!

The Olympic Torch - Xiang Yun

Table tennis was a clean sweep for China!

Of course Lee Chong Wei will like this dish...

Yea, the Bird's Nest Stadium, on the dining table...

I wonder I'll ever have the appetite to put these in my mouth!

Well, I guess creativity and art have no border. It's really abstract and you get mesmerized by its beauty. You'll got to admire the precision of these creations! Well, it left me in awe though....

Ps: I am kind of out-dated right? Just want to share these great pics with you people. Hope you guys will appreciate the art.