Saturday, August 30, 2008

Officially A Retiree

With IET's AGM successfully held last Thursday, I am officially retired from all posts, club commitments and responsibilities. It's 3 years of my campus life gone.... Wow, and that's really fast!

Yes, I was President of Uniten IET (Institution of Engineering & Technology) Student Chapter for the past one year, and I've passed the baton to my formal deputy, Iynggaran, who has done a great job for the club... I'll firstly wish him all the utmost best running the club!

I was half certain and rather blur when I joined the club in foundation, way back in 2005 ("conned" by Boon Heng), but we never looked back. This is my longest serving club! And I say I gave my all best for it. I admit there were lots of things that could turn out better, by better management and more efficient planning, but I've no regret in what I did. I simply sacrificed and gave all I can...

So I'll do a short summary of what I've been thru;

The club was formed in 2004 with the help of Dr Vigna K. Meaning I joined when it was 1 year old. We were an extremely small club then. I can't remember having any big activities, except some small gatherings and recruitment drives! I was Director of Members' Welfare, under then President, Rengan Iyer, a RA.

Everything was smooth and fine... 1 year passed

I thought I did a great job getting this below picture out my pc. It's IET Awards night 2006, at Restoran D'Tasik, Uniten!

This should be in the musuem!!!

In came new President Mr. Tan Chia Kwang, also Dr Vigna's RA . I didn't attend the "AGM", as I had class (Mr Yip's Static Class, I can still remember!). So I ended up getting my old port-folio again. Well, so I am kind of good in it. My job (for 2 years consecutively) is to be in charge of all membership applications and problems. I remember carrying cash RM 7k + on my bike to Sri Serdang to make bank draft and post it to UK! (Membership is in GBP, 1 year = GDP 12, 3 years = GBP 24, 4 years = GBP 30). I regularly send out emails to all members, informing them the latest updates and activities.

The club grew gradually. We had a stronger committee board. We tried very hard. We were all very new... It was a humble beginning!

Balraj (then not a terrorist) organized a technical talk... We barely scraped thru...

Leadership & Management Talk organizing committee

Next, we had a great time in University Malaya, attending an engineering conference, invited by their engineering society.

UM was my dream, or the uni grandma told me to get in, u know? I didn't quite met her expectation... (She won't know it too) I promised her to try my best in UNITEN

We also went to Rumah Faith, Kajang to do some charity. We spent the whole morning there, "having fun" with the kids.

Do we look happy then?

Sing songs is easier to attract the kids' attention!

We had other activites and visits too. We went to a Technical Talk in INTI College Nilai, and a team building session in INTI College Subang Jaya. We'd a scrabble competition and organized our first BBQ Nite Out (and this would become our annual event), where we invite other IET Student Chapters to have a "feast" together in Uniten!

For one thing, I still don't get it why they (YMS board and other SCs) say we are BIG EATERS...

We had a great time... We were in our own pace, growing and learning by time. Commitment was never lacked.

Then came Awards Night 2007, at Bukit Jalil Golf Club.

With UCSI committee board

They announced the winner for PATW 2007. It was my lucky day though....

And I'll go to Hong Kong to present my project paper

I went for PATW Asia Pacific region that August. I had a great time! Check out

Outside IET Asia Pacific Region office in Jardine Place, Hong Kong.

So I took office for academic year 2007/08... Along with my hardworking top 5 - Iynggaran, Boon Heng, Aishah, and Alfred!

I was really determined to do something great, and not disappoint our members and advisers.

All geared up, pulled up my socks up and go all out!

I got my first taste of political struggle during AGM 07, and frustratedly blogged it at

Nevertheless, we kept on working and managed to organized lots of activites last year.

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Fabrication Workshop, with Alfred as PD. Learn outside on your own = RM 100; IET Members = RM 20! Don't ask me about how we get the $$$ la... Secret!

Was very informative, and great practical experience!

We had charity work at Rumah Faith Semenyih before Christmas 07.

We are a "KIND" and "CARING" club right???

Then came a Technical Seminar by Air Asia Executive - Mr. Puvaneswaren

Now we know some of Air Asia's secret!

Then Boon Heng became PD and organized BBQ Night Out 2008. It took its toll on him, but he pulled thru! With great results too... Genius la, I think!

Was a great outing!

I organized a site visit to Genting Sanyen Power Plant in Banting, Kuala Langat.

I've to thank Yan Fu (2nd from right, standing beside me) very much, for making life a lot easier for me!

Vishneesh had his scrabble competition, again.

The final... Am I sleeping??? No la! I am the judge...

We had other fringe activities like C Programming Booster class for juniors, IET Awareness Month, and most recently PATW 08 in Uniten (

All ended with IET Awards Night 2008 at Vistana Hotel, KL.

My very helpful advisors, Dr Vigna & Dr Agi, along with my very dedicated and hardworking board, after the dinner...

Actually got to perform on stage... Felt like a live concert...

So my term and adventure ended with a high note that night...

One year in the driving seat made me a more matured, steady and better leader, and person as a whole. Experience gained were tremendous and most valuable. Like Dr Vigna said, it is a classroom for us!

At times I really felt dishearten and frustrated. Running a diverse team and managing special people is easier said than done. Well if you know me well enough, I've always emphasized on team work and motivation. I am someone who is quite impatient (in terms of getting jobs done). It's like, erm, I can't sleep or study (have a peace of mind) if there are unsolved problems and issues, be it from the activites or political issues! I'll make sure that I find the best solution and solve it first hand. Today's work, finish today (chinese proverb from primary school). Kind of old mind-set, I guess...

I have high expectations (I think this is my weakness) and always look to achieve the ideal scenario and outcome. But I've learned though that this is impossible.

I learned to give and take, and to forgive and forget. Clash of opinions and ideas are normal if its constructive and not destructive! I learned to see things differently and from a wider point of view! But I have a lot to improve too... I'll keep on learning and gain more experiences.

I would like to extend my gratitude and a thousand thank yous to Iyn, BH, Aishah, Alfred, Vishneesh, Shankar, XY, and of course the terrorist gang for the great hard work for the past one year. Dr Vigna and Dr Agi were vital too! Thanks so much people!

So for the time being, I'll enjoy 2 years of care-free uni life! Doing things I like and want!

Committee Board 2007/08 - Now a Memory

Soon to be E & E and E Power Engineers, have you join The IET?

No questions! Join and you'll never regret!

Ps: Happy 51st birthday Malaysia! I pray for peace and prosperity


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