Sunday, August 3, 2008

GSP Family Day - Sunway Lagoon

What a tiring day... Finally I've had the pleasure to play water at Sunway Lagoon!

It's Genting Sanyen Power's annual family day. I've been attending this occasion for the past 2 years (A Famosa Melaka and Desa Water Park KL), as I am under the company's list of scholarship recipients.

Yesterday was a tiring one too. Had futsal at 3, and had life guard class at 7.30pm, which I unfortunately twisted my left arm (I can't hold it up now...). And I am feeling a little heaty now!

I thought I set my alarm to buzz me up at 6.30am yesterday. But it was not until 7.26am (we planned to meet at library bus stop at 7.15am), when Jian Hao (also scholar) rang me up. I jumped out of bed and got wash-up, and my day started... Few of us went, Jian Hao, Ah Loke, kuan, Ling Wei, Lip Hui (don't understand how can he didn't bring shorts!), Jia Ming (boss) and myself.

They reserved some part for us!

Do I look serious?

After reaching in 15 minutes, we went to the wet part to have some games, which was organized by the staffs... Looks good though!

Man-made water fall... Artificial-ly nice...

I though there were less people this time round, maybe it's because of the sale of the paper mill and box farm.

Special stature???

Since come already, why not try everything out!!!

And let's not waste time

This is the not so adventures water game...

These slides didn't meet my expectation of water games...


Waahhh.... Nice.... 3 of us taking BIG shower

So far, I think this front slide from like 4 stories high was the best.

We played 3 times! And could played a few more, if we were thick skinned enough!

We had "pulling string" too! I can't imagine using my left arm during that time...

I saw lots of foreigners there. More then half the visitors, I believe. It seems each of us (adult tickets) cost around RM 90 (inclusive of 2 meals). And were only restricted to Wet and Dry part. So we couldn't get into the Extreme Part, Wild West Zoo, and other nicer places...

Coke is 4 bucks...

One nice part is the Suspension Bridge, which is around 400 meter long!

Jian Hao, Loke, and Kuan (all scholars too)

I like the height and breeze up there...

View from 100 meters above!

I thought the wet part was not as impressive compared to A Famosa Melaka. There have only around 3 sections.

Of course you can wash eyes lar...

The dry part was a little bit better. With roller coasters, and those spinning thingy, it's really heart-challenging, and nerve-recking!

This cup-spinner made me dizzy...

This 360 degrees spinner was the best I tried all day. I screamed like mad when it stayed at mid-air, up-side down for like 3 seconds. My back-side was like floating in thin air, not touching my seat at all! And i just ate lunch!

The gate-girl was steady ya!

Roller coaster was nice too.

We had crossed a tunnel, where everything was dark inside! Quite of cool...

Was a great experience for me...

They also had some exhibitions.

There were lots of crystals, from China

We left around 3pm and went to Sunway Pyramid for some window shopping. Ate beef burger at Wendy's, which was nice!

Yea, that's the exit

So overall it was a nice day.

Dr Phillip Tan, our former BIG BOSS (the one who'd always looked after us, and made sure everything was in place) was no where to be seen. I know what he'll tell me - Study harder. Life was a little easier and more fun when he was in power!

I guess I've to work harder to thank GSP for looking after me (financially and emotionally) for the past 3 years... 2 more to go!