Friday, August 8, 2008

A glad guy

I walked out the meeting session just now a glad guy. We've settled the top 4 positions of Uniten IET SC the way we planned. Everything worked out perfectly, I even had the opportunity to take a swipe at the opposition, who has so far been an eye-sore to me. I think a lot of my cells died due to the frustrated-ness and tensions working with them!

In my life I always have plans and have strategies when it comes to problem solving. I thought the tactics used this time turned out well, and I feel quite satisfied and pleased with myself!

Until the AGM on 28th September!

For the time being, I have to mug my books for tests next week, especially Microprocessor next Tuesday... Man, the PIC 18 chip is killing me! I have no idea what am I studying...

Got to start working...