Monday, August 18, 2008

Anugerah Kecemerlangan Aktiviti Pelajar 2007

It was going to be a hectic Friday. I went for the Business Plan/Idea briefing at 11 am, organized by MDEC (1st prize is RM 7k !!! And I am going for it), and attended the Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Aktiviti Pelajar 2007 at 2.30pm. I had Control System Test 1 at 8pm, and left for Terengganu to climb Gunung Tebu (7088m), organized by Kelab Kembara Uniten, straight after test.

This occasion turned out a suprise for me, when En. Ariff announced I got an award - Anugerah Penglibatan Bukan Sukan (Non-sport involvement, I guess), and received it from our DVC - Prof Dr Ghazali Abod. I felt kind of out of the blue, really!

I'd hope the club I headed (soon passing it to Iyn), which I put a lot of time and effort (possible all my might) - Uniten IET Student Chapter could bag the "best academic club" award, but we lost to a very strong competitor - SIFE Uniten, who travels around the world, going on national TV. We'll try harder next year!

For the accolade, I'll treat it as a recognition of what I've done (the effort, sacrifices, the thinking and brainstorming, the boring politics, growth of white hair, less playing time, more eye-bags....), as an encouragement to work harder, and never bow in the way of adversity.

It gives me the assurance and (important) reminder that keeping to the right path (do good, help others, and God will help you), have good behavior, attitude (skills come after behavior, leaders behave and set good examples), and always be sincere and helpful (don't always be calculative and do things with motives) do bring you far.

With Pn. Norma and some of the recipients (Do I look odd???)

En Raja Fariz is my best friend in Students' Affair Department. He is our desk officer.
He deserves the acknowledgment too!

A small sovenior to remind me that I've to always work hard and do the right things

Lastly, I want to thank everyone I know (family, friends, lecturers, admin. clerks, my sponsor, advisers, along with all of yours names which I can't put it all in) for your guidance and limitless of care and support. Without all of you, my life wouldn't be as worth living as now!

I'll strive further!

PS: I just came back from expedition from Gng Tebu, Terengganu. And had a great time! I am fine and healthy now. I am waiting for the pictures. I'll post it a.s.a.p. And I got to sleep now. It's 8.35 am already (reached at 6am just now, after 10 hours of bus ride). See you!


Shahmi said...

Ur caption on "Do I Look odd?"

it is nothing la,everyone is enjoying ourself rite.We also enjoy.Nothing odds in that picture,except i'm too kawaiii~

haha.... =b

the crusader said...

No la.... I think I dress in very formal... A little skema...

tat's all!

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