Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life's now and the future

One week has passed coming into the new semester. Yup, I am in third year of my degree (4th year in Uniten, because of foundation). Wow, I can’t believe that I am a 3rd year student now! I can still vividly paint pictures of my first days here! And the way I looked up to my seniors, can’t wait to emulate them… And be as competent as them.

Life has improved since…

This semester, I brought my “wife” here. Nothing to brag about, it’s dad’s 17 years old proton saga. I was in fact in a dilemma before this whether to bring it here or not… You all know lar, petrol prices is at a historical high (doesn't seem it'll fall). But dad wasn’t stingy and steadily made all the necessary maintenances (I think he spent around RM 1.5K) in changing a new carburetor, timing belt, black oil, break lights, and not to forget 2 brand new Dunlop front tyres. Well hopefully I’ll take it to good use, as I don’t want to disappoint my parents. I guess I have nothing less nowadays.

I can’t describe how contented and happy I am to be able to drive in KL. It makes my life so much easier and convenient. Well, what I did was I explained my condition to my parents and without second thought, dad asked me to take mom’s proton wira. But I rather use this proton saga! Student drive good car for what? The rest was history.

Of course I don't know how long can my savings and allowance last before I go broke. But I believe in my budgeting skills and, of course economics!

Before leaving home last week!

What can I do besides trying my best in my studies, and do my parents proud???

Nowadays I stay in Kelompok Cedekiawan, with 4 single rooms in every apartment. I had to be separated from my “gay partner” cheun hang, which has been my room mate for the past 2.5 years. Staying alone can be quite boring and lonely at times. But I am adapting to it, and found an acquaintance, which is my house mate Andrew William. This ipoh guy is a punk-rocker and plays the electric guitar with his band. And we exchanged our views, scores, sang and played together just now. Nice and friendly guy really, in contrast of the first impression he gave me (he never takes down his ear rings and “piercing”, even in the apartment!).

I did some shopping and got a table and some necessities few days back. And am quite "at home" now...

My area... (That is the table lamp I used during my SPM days)

View from the door...

Yesterday I spent my morning at IET's Present Around the World in BA Theater. A UCSI student- Ying Qian won, as I predicted. All the best to her in 2 weeks time (Asia Pacific Regional Finals, also held in Uniten). I believe she can improve more!

Coming back after lunch, Alfred and myself settled the IET events gallery pictures. It was our hard work for the past one whole here. I feel rather satisfied with what I've done, considering all the unwanted circumstances.

5 full boards of activities pictures

Few days back, I got myself the latest Liverpool FC home kit! It looks "REAL" and is only RM25. A friend's (Hee Guan's) friend bought it from Perlis.

New season, new kit, new hope!

Lastly, Peter Crouch has left to Portsmouth for 11m pounds. Well I wouldn't say he was a fantastic player for Liverpool, and he didn't really performed to what we expected (maybe like what Torres did). But he was nevertheless a great lad to have in a team. I believe he tried his best, and not to forget he scored some memorable goals, besides being one of the most improved players in the league. He became an England national player after joining us!

So I sincerely wish Peter the best of luck in his future undertakings! You Will Never Walk Alone... Once a Red, Forever a Red!

Will we miss the lanky striker???

Who's Rafa going to bring in to replace Crouchie? Any suggestions???


Malao Band said...

awesome blog... Ur KL sure b more colorful since u got a car thr huh...
all the best anyway... lolz...