Thursday, July 31, 2008

IET PATW & Awards Night 2008

I've been an IET Student Member for 3 years (membership fees of 24 pounds paid when I was in foundation), and I would say that it has been one of the greatest things that happened to my life. The benefits, exposure, knowledge, networks, interpersonal skills, presentation skills (not to mention a free trip to Hong Kong @ .... I guess my life wouldn't be as eventful if I wasn't "bluffed" in along with aunty John Y 3 years ago!

Last Friday was the IET Asia Pacific Regional Conference, held in UNITEN. We were there to help out.

So all IET networks from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka... came to Malaysia, and Uniten to have their yearly meeting. YMB (Younger Members' Board)World Chairman Dr Sam McLaughlin flew in from Australia, and we became quite good buddies at the end of the day!

Firstly, there were brought to TNBR, TNB's research center, which gets RM 80 Billion per annum to carry out various types of R & D.

Briefing by the engineer

After that, the delegates started their meeting.

Helen, from IET beijing actually praised my mandarin as "perfect" when I directed and showed her the way to the washroom after the meeting. But unfortunately, she flew back to China later, and I couldn't really talk to her the following day... Sob... But I managed to shook her hand lar!

Ya, that's the China girl I've been, er... erm... made me a happy guy! (Click on pic to see clearly)

The next day was Present Around the World Asia Pacific Region, which was won by Singapore (again ar...), which was represented by a Chinese national, from NTU. I thought I'll be well beaten if I were to compete this year!

Opening done by the big Aussie...

A Chinaporean won it, I guess?

Second place went to Beijing, which I thought he was really confident and his presentation was interesting.

Actually promoted the Olympics at the end!

Of course there was a great lunch for everyone... Plenty of budget I guess...

At night, we went to Vistana Hotel (at Jalan Ipoh, KL) for the event everybody was looking forward to - IET Awards Night 08, which marks the end of yet another successful year for YMS (Younger Member Section).

Opening speech by IET Malaysia Chairman - Ir. Chris Chew

8 (out of 11 committee) of us attended the dinner...

And all committee members of each student chapter received their certs of appreciation.

Aiseh... Terbalik la!!!

We gave a performance too... It was 2 songs sang unplug - Kau Ilhamku and Belaian Jiwa, and I thought the crowd rather enjoyed it! I hope we did what we wanted to....

The night went thru fine...

Dr Sam is a Bolton Wanderers fan, but at least he knows who Harry Kewell is!!!

No doubt, this lad likes rugby - Aussie Rules in particular!

Our advisers Dr Vigna and Dr Agi (my current Control System lecturer) had helped us a lot. Lots of credits to them!

It was a job well done guys!

2 IET Dai Kors - UCSI and MMU out-going presidents Hiew (center) and Hon Mun.
When's my turn to step down???

So I am unofficially retired (officially retiring next month after our AGM). Nevertheless, there are still lots of things and issues to iron out. There seems to be some political unrest in our club. But of course for the time being, I am still able to control. Hopefully the transistion of power will go thru as desired!

I in particular wouldn't like to see all the hard work for the past 1 year go down the drain. There were suggestions for me to take up another post, or continue another term, but I would like to rule those out. I've tried my best and what ever I can to run this club, and I think it's best that I bow out (at the high) now, and not over-stay my welcome!

I thought I learned a lot from this "challenging club". At times, I was really frustrated and dishearten, and (I believe) friends around me will notice my moody and expression-less face once in the blue moon. And I think I've grew more white hair though! But the experience in being a president is priceless. It made me a better person and wiser leader.

And lastly I would like to thank my comrades in arm very much, for all the assistance and guidance for the past 1 year, especially Iyn, BH, Alfred, Aishah and the rest of the board. Without you guys out there, we wouldn't pull thru as we did. Thanks guys!

All I can promise is a nice retreat for everyone! This time I'll plan!

Long live IET Malaysia!!!