Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hail Spain; Hail Torres

Last summer, Liverpool FC signed a striker, a 23 year old Spaniard from Athelico Madrid for 21m pounds. Many doubted his ability to excel in England, as the game is more physical and competitive, compared to the La Liga.

First day at work with Liverpool manager Rafa

This boy was Athelico's captain at the age of 19 and took over a huge responsibility for his home town club. He famously quoted that he wouldn't join Real Madrid, which Cristiano Ronaldo is barking for a move, because of its rivalry from his beloved hometown club.

And a move to Liverpool turned out to be a success, with Torres scoring a galloping 33 goals, becoming the most successful foreign striker to join the EPL, surpassing Van Nisterooy of Man Utd (scored 32 in his debut season).

He formed a formidable partnership with Stevie G in attack

So there were no surprise that Chelsea and uncle Abra were rumoured to bid 50m pounds for Torres weeks ago.... Just now I read thru the the papers, and it seems they upped the bid to 85m pounds... Insane? But we all know the answer!

Kick your idea off lar... Money is not everything!

So finally the European Championship 2008 is successfully held in Austria-Switzerland! And I am happy to catch the final 3 matches live, which were worth sacrificing my sleep time!

Worthy winners Spain won the championship with class, and it was superior difference in class that separated them from Germany, another European power house. Liverpool’s Fernando Torres scoring the only goal of the game in the 33rd minute.

Sped thru Philip Lahm and chipped the ball beyond the helpless Lehman...

And finding the bottom left corner... What a goal!

Mobbed by teammates after the goal that ended Spain's 44 years wait for a trophy!

Well, he showed great determination and character during the build up of the tournament. I would say he hadn’t had the best of luck and play. But at the end, when it matters most, El Nino rose to the occasion, capping a Man-of-the-match performance in the final. It will be really special to Torres. He worked relentlessly hard for the team and never gave up. That’s one thing I am determined to learn from him!

A technically gifted side and plays with ball possession control, this Spanish team will be a force to recon for the up coming World Cup in 2010, South Africa.

My heartiest congrates to the whole Spanish team for their hard work and perseverance, led by Iker Casillas and player of the tournament – Xavi! You people play the beautiful game to perfection.


The Mac general election saw a futsal court build some 30 steps from my house. So I spent most of my holiday there.

Since when Alonso and Torres is in Taman Tun Aminah???

The famous Alonso long range shot???

Well both Alonso Tay and Torres Tan have planned to watch Liverpool play live in England at 30 in the future!

Hopefully dreams will come true.


Ivan said...

Well said dude...

I look good in the red jersey... number 14 some more.. haha

the crusader said...


Torres Rocks! Can't wait to see him dawn Liverpool's no. 9 again!

Really looking forward to that...