Friday, June 13, 2008

A Very Very Special Special Semester!

I've been in UNITEN for 3 years now, to be exact, and it has been a great journey for me. I gained lots of experience and learned lots of stuffs! (Just that it is a little ***) But the best thing is to get to know lots of people, studying and hanging out with them...

I just finished my 7-weeks special semester, where I took only 2 subjects - Principles of Management (POM) and Engineering Economics. (total 4 credit hours). My class is only on Teus, Wedn, and Thursday, 8 hours per week. These subjects were rather theory-based, and I wouldn't need to crack my head twisting and turning in angles. NO TUTORIALS TO DO... But they weren't peanuts either... The questions can be quite confusing and tricky at times. My carry marks wasn't near convincing, and I rather screwed my finals, nevertheless, I enjoyed studying both the subjects very much.

That's not the main idea of this post though. It's what I (or we've) done that makes the eye! I will admit I am a very healthy person nowadays (not sure when I go back to JB). Futsal has become a routine, and the Sg. Chua Futsal Court has become our Home Ground. We played like 3 times per week, and I had to limped off once due to muscle cramp (long time didn't cramp...), as we played for 2 hours non-stop. Swimming was another favourite of mine. And I have every right to believe my free-style is almost there...

Jogging is the best way to train for stamina and a fit figure. And with UNITEN having a not so bad mini-stadium with a nice running track, I jog in the evenings. Once in a blue moon I get to jog with some fantastic people, which makes up my day. Other activities during this 7 weeks were pool, badminton, gym, bowling... and SING K. Yea, singing K at Green Box at Jusco Balakong has been always our favourite, what's more when we are so free to go sing at non-peak hours? (11-2pm, but we come out at 3.30pm, coz no people...) 10 bucks for 3 hours plus lunch man! And to top some icing above the cake, this 7 weeks coincided with the Champions League Semis and Finals, and also the European Championship 08!!! So the mamak stall macha could recognise us... It's more enjoyable and better than holiday!

Even when finals were round the corner, I can't feel the heat at all... Yesterday's Engineering Econs was postponed to the afternoon (from morning), so around 18 of us went out for lunch + bowling + pool before coming back and take the 3 hours paper. My hand was paining when I was answering the questions!

The next special semester we see us go for industrial training. I'll miss this special semester for the rest of my life!


Today was an all together different day. I had lots of things to settle. I had to settle the TNB survey forms dealing with Jason Ho, which I had a hard time keying all the data, and seeing Mr. Ariff of HEP to withdraw my facilitator-ship, shift and check out my apartment, all before 5pm (and they got sembahyang from 12 to 3...). And maybe last night's pool + Euro 08 + torrid 3 hours finals took its toll on me. I was rather absent-minded today, and was really frustrated with myself...

My journey on my bike: Start from 9.30am from lichiat's place (over-night there)-> aunt's place (to bath) -> Uniten COIT (key in data) -> aunt's place (take long pants- my jeans is lost...) -> Uniten Admin (see Mr. Ariff) -> COE (pass the forms - oh no! missing wo..)-> aunt's place (find the forms- did I left there? No ler... wth!) -> COIT (I can't believe I left it in COIT...)-> Sri Kembangan (pass to Jason straight la, sick of it edy!)-> Sri Serdang (for my beloved Hokkien Mee-hun-mee for dinner) -> Uniten Library (now I am here). I actually travelled about 60 KM today due to lapse of concentration. Dad will have a word or two if he knows that I travel around the backyard with my bike...

So I am quite a relieve guy sitting in the library at the internet corner now. I won't deny the fact that I like Uniten's library very much. Mavbe being v-p of school library board last time made me appreciate it more. And with the survey stuffs, my apartment and faci issues ironed out (had quite some time with Psycho Ariff), I can gladly take a bus to Melaka tomorrow morning for gathering with my NS mates...

I have a very big bunch of fantastic NS friends... My company never fail to have gathering every year, and this is gonna be the 3rd one. My camp in Masjid Tanah Melaka was special too... Non-bumis and bumis were halved in total... And with company Delta unstopable in all fronts, I enjoyed myself very much there (it is really hard to believe what a team we had)! The best time was Friday nights, where we Buddhist only go out to Melaka city temple for "prayers". Hey! I really prayed hard okay... 3 bus full of happening and happy people out of town! It will always be the best moment during NS...

Decision making is part and parcel of life. I decided to withdraw from becoming fasi for the 3rd time, in order to buy time and prepare for PATW, the very competition that brought me to Hong Kong last year ( The Malaysian level is 1 month from now, and I am still dreaming and drifting away, not having a topic to present. By the way, I felt really sorry (by committing myself in the interview for fasi) that I can't volunteer and have to pull out 10 days before induction and orientation week. But I am not superman... After menjadi abang fasi for 2 years, it's time to change my taste a little. And this will not be my cup of tea anymore... Wanna stop all activities (+ politics), why wait?

So there goes 3 years of uni life... The next (and only) 2 more years will see me get altered, after I "wash my hands" early next semester. Yaa, no more president of this, advisor of that, or committee of bla bla bla... I will take a different approach on things, enjoy my uni life... And I am determined to do so.

For the time being, it's 3 weeks of holiday in JB (I miss mom's ba-zhang arrr... this year satu biji also not yet eat...). Anyone wants to come to JB, or Singapore (I still know how to go to Orchad Road, and won't get lost in Woodlands), give me a buzz. Accomodation and transportation isn't an issue! Till then guys!

Cheers ~ my friends ~~~

PS: I had a difficult time forcing myself not to watch EURO 08 during my finals (Dear Gurmesh brought a TV all the way from Seremban)... Now I finally can watch relaxly already! Weeser's favourite team -> Spain / Holland.


kbguy said...

hi there,I'm glad to have finally found ur site.I would be glad if u can kindly tell me in your own words what you think about Uniten as a student, cos i intent to sent my kid there for mechanical engineering. Compared to Uni Petronas ? How about the racial harmony there ? The qality of education and market acceptance.

the crusader said...

hi kbguy... thanks for visiting my blog... well, all i can tell u bout uniten will b my personal view,and may vary from individuals.

Uniten is a great uni, esp. for engineering courses. Mechanical Eng. is a good subject offered, and we've recently got accredition from Imeche UK.

I actually got an offer to study at UTP last time,but they din giv me a scholarship (if ur kid got a scholarship,u shud consider sending him over, if not, many private companies offer schlshp to our students here).Racial harmony is not a problem here.It is well mixed with the 3 big race. As far as i m concern,uniten grads are at the advantage,as we learn totally in english,and many of us already secure jobs before we grad.i can say that we are technically strong too.besides, we hav lots of gud clubs and societies to join and learn.

Overall, it is a nice place to study.

Did i answer ur question?