Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A trip to Kai Yuan's Ah Gong's Fruit Farm

I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday in a small village yard between Batu Pahat and Muar. It’s Kay Yuan’s hometown, where his granddad has a 10 hectare house + fruit yard. And I have to really thank this fellow atlantiz member, currently a chemical and biomolecular eng. student in NTU. It was a great vacation for all of us! The fruits were fantastic, second to non!

There was one time where my stomach composition = durian + rambutan + coconut water + duku langsat + papaya + pineapple + meat pao + honey sesame chicken + laksa + satay + wan tan mee + otak-otak ….

We didn’t start at 9.00 am as planned, as the chief tour guide – Mr Ivan Tay Kai Yuan over-slept… We started around 10.30am...

We exited highway at Batu Pahat, and went to its town, hoping to find some light lunch and chai tao kuey with prawn inside it (dad always buy when he goes to BP). But it turned out to be a disappointment, as most of the shops there were either closed or, yea… not doing business. We wondered whether people there eat lunch or not…

We bought some local biscuit in BP... But really, there were no shops for lunch!!!

This was a really timely vacation for at least 3 of us, KY is on holiday from the stressful Singapore life, Shinn Liang from the western influence in the US, and myself, from the eventful special semester. Only Soon Seng, back from BB’s Pesta in Sabah, has been enjoying his 3 months holiday.

And ah gong really has a big house, and a big backyard, with lots of fruit trees, and I mean really a lot! From durian to mangosteen (spelling correct ar?), dragon fruit, papaya, rambutan, pineapple, you name it he has it… Cool! He has a huge range of oil palm trees in the backyard too.

Let me show all of you around ah gong's territory...

Part of ah gong's front porch!

The mansion???

This whole "road" is ah gong's... Can you imagine?

Banana tree... with "banana ghost"???

Part of the yard too...

For all of you city folks, this is the dragon fruit tree!

We traveled half an hour to Muar town and ate more local food like wantan mee, satay, otak-otak… And hanging around the place…

Eating "liu wei"... Nice!

We went back in the evening and set out hunting and plucking fruits that we can find. Coconuts came first.

Next was rambutan...

It's my first time plucking and eating it on the spot, by the road side!

Aiya... just squat down and eat lar... save time...

There were lots of kampung chicken too...

Few of them... Most of them were too afraid to be caught on camera... Too shy, I guess.

Seriously un-skinning a coconut...

What’s to describe besides the great fruits? Especially the durians from his durian farm, specially picked by Kai Yuan’s uncle. Aunt prepared a really nice dinner for us, and it was a durian party afterwards. I can’t describe the party, you see by yourself!

Simple and nice dinner...

Can't describe those la...

You judge from our expression!

Part of our master piece...

But things turned a little bit weird. We had nothing to do (besides playing cho dai di) at around 10 at night… Beside the main road in a big house with everyone asleep, the 4 of us were bored, with nothing to do… So we healthily slept at 12am, hoping to wake up at 2.30am to watch the Italy match, and of course we woke up the next morning.

We didn’t stop eating though. After breakfast and lunch, we bid farewell to ah gong, who had been a really steady and fantastic host, communicating with us in the familiar Hokkien dialect, asking us to eat and don’t be shy. Thanks very much ah gong for the hospitality and fruits! We can’t find those in JB.

We then continue our journey by “old road” to Yong Peng, in aim to find the famous “xi dao” fishball mee. Well, I turned out laksa anyway… And we headed back to JB.

Picture of the journey- The Biker, With Bikes (captured by Mr KY Tay)...

A big thank you must be greeted to both KY and Ah Gong for the wonderful vacation! I really enjoyed myself there and it was a really nice experience for me!


syun said...

Wonder why there is not Ah Gong's pic? Camera shy?

the crusader said...

Yea, ah gong very cool, steady and strong, but like any other elderly, he don't see the point taking pics with us!

The important thing is the fruits mar...

Xu Shen said...

oiyo ...

i miss all the food sial ...

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