Monday, June 16, 2008

My first time - donating blood!

Last Saturday was World Blood Donor Day (actually I didn't know at all). Planed before hand was my NS gathering in Melaka, and we decided to visit our former company captain, TJ Mr. Soon at Pay Fong Sec., as he was helping out at their school day.

Pay Fong Sec is the only private Chinese sec school in Melaka. They turn 95!

And they had a blood donation drive...

Outside the room...

I had already wanted to donate my blood for a long time. And this was what I was waiting for. I thought that if a young 21 years old guy like me was afraid and reluctant to donate and spare some blood, who would do it? I’ve read numerous articles about how donating blood can save lives… And some people donating numerous times… Imagine one day, an accident happened to you (touch wood, just for e.g.), and you are gasping for blood, because your life is in great danger, and only your same blood type (A/B/AB/O) can be accepted, but suddenly the nurse comes out and tell u, the hospital has run out of blood of type -. Oh s***… Where to find blood at the eleventh hour?

So without any hesitation, I volunteered on the spot to donate my blood, and the nurse tested my blood type. OMG, I have A-type blood!!! After like 21 years, I always thought that I have O-type. Lucky I tested! And I proceeded to other counters, part of the procedure…

At last, was the “special chair”. I remained as calm as possible. This is the first time okay, and to say I was totally untethered will be a big lie.

Since you are young and fit, who to donate but you???

And the nurse soon took out some needles and tube-like stuffs. And the process begin. It wasn’t really pain or uncomfortable as said by my friends. I donated 450 ml of blood, and I must admit it was like no feel at all… Nothing more than getting poke by a small needle. During the transfer of blood, I can’t feel anything at all. Very very simple and easy job to do.
Drop by drop I pump my blood out..
To my surprise, they even gave me a certificate, as it was World Blood Donor day.
After getting up, I feel really fine and really happy while being pleased with myself.

All is fine, with 450 ml of my blood. Hope it goes to the right person!

Later during the day, I even ate steamboat and had some beer by the jetty in Melaka! But I was at a halt at around 1am, can’t even watch the Spain-Sweden match… My head sent signals for me to sleep and rest... Just some mild headache due to the long day... Nothing more...


Just now I had a game of futsal, with my old gang, and felt my stamina has still not fully recovered. But holding to the fact that some day some time, my packet of blood will help someone, very very much, it is worth the sacrifice.
And this makes me really glad and contented!

Tomorrow I’ll follow a bunch of friends to Muar, to camp at Kai Yuan’s granddad’s “durian garden”. Hopefully it will be an eventful outing, and I can eat lots of nice fruits...


J3rmz said...

dude i Love durians! lol ... bring back some for me :P hi btw~

kbguy said...

the first time is always some scaring time. but after you did it, u will donate it often, even every 3 months. I was the same too.

the crusader said...

yea.... kbguy, u got the point... But i feel really good now..