Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Latest News!!!

Oh no!

Come this August, my dream of bringing my old Proton Saga to uni (thru self-financing) will suffer another setback. I am currently hard-working-ly sourcing and finding ways to finance the expenses, so I won't need to depend on my parents.

Actually dad had told me to drive up here. But I still want to see if I can move the extra step. It's my target to be totally
financially independent from my parents. As the eldest of 4, it's the challenge I set to myself when I left home for uni, and I am still very much on course! (Which makes me a really proud son). My parents will have to support my younger sis and bro.

I just check out Chinapress online and this was the latest news. Petrol prices will follow the market value and price trend in August. And it may surge as much as DOUBLE the current price. Meaning we'll pay for $135 per barrel....

Aren't we a petroleum exporting country?

So, it's up to the Opposition to do something la... I know there will be news tomorrow.

So I guess my loyal companion will for the time being will still be ---

MAH 3097

And it has been very reliable and loyal... I can't imagine life without a bike...