Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Sorry State of English Football

It’s already 3.12am but I just can’t sleep. I had a (or should I say 2) great day(s), where I hang out at two different hang-outs – Time Square and 1 U during this two financial cash sapping days. And the food at William’s at SS 2 really caught my appetite!

So, what brought me to stay up so late? Actually I am supposed to join PKC’s FC test game tomorrow at 8.30am, but somehow, something is keeping me awake! So I decided to check out the web or update my outdated blog (my new anti-virus firewall kept me out of the web!).

So to out of my surprise, at ESPN Soccernet, the news was “AVRAM GRANT IS SACKED”. I feel rather unfazed when it comes to Chelsea FC nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, the Chelsea I knew, during the days of Zola, Wise, Vialli or even Hasselbank were candies to my eyes. But what the heck is English football going to be??? This is the most dogged and gritty club, with the most stubborn and retarded owner I’ve ever seen! Somebody knock some sense into Roman’s nut head! I am nobody to judge, but just feel a little unfair and unjust to see the sorry state of Chelsea FC.

Look at the players they have! They are an all-star team. My beloved Liverpool FC won’t get anything near what they have. Liverpool FC has inevitably Gerard and Torres, full-stop. But with a spirited and passionate batch of players, with a never say die attitude, they always remind me that life is a tough journey but I mustn’t give-up.

Chealsea? From Terry to Joe and Ashley Cole to Makalele, Ballack, Shevechenco, Drogba, Calvalho, S W Philips, Lampard, Ferreira, Cech, Cudicini, Bridge… Their reserves are all internationals! It will do English football a hell good if they keep to their agendas, follow the rules, behave sportingly (I doubt will ever) and have the minimum sense of football knowledge. But the truth is they are riding on the cash by this Russian owner – Roman Abramovich. So you try and imagine, the Champions League final was in Russia, and this chap had booked almost all the hotels in Moscow, assuming that his team reaches the finals (which they LUCKILY did, due to an own goal, a penalty, and an off-side decision that led to a goal in the semis). So, I wished them luck, facing Man Utd in the finals of Europe’s most important football competition, last Wednesday night. Man Utd pulled thru, and clinched the double (along with the EPL). And they were worthy winners. They played a fair game, unlike Chelsea, although made up of a bunch of superstars, react badly during the game. We saw Calvalho tackled (hoping to break C Ronaldo’s leg), Terry spiting at Tevez, and Drogba slapping Vidic (which earned him a red)… That’s what happened on the field. Terry missed the winning penalty…

C Ronaldo behaved very well in the game...

God spared him the bruises???

Off the field, they are (the board of directors) equally ignorant and stubborn. They sacked Jose Mourinho this year (January) and replaced Grant.

“Both chief-executive Peter Kenyon and chairman Bruce Buck paved the way for change by insisting that Chelsea's performance this season was simply 'not good enough'.” From Soccernet.

Poor old Grant was granted a dream job and pulled up the socks, turned and cleared the mess and gave Man Utd a fight in the EPL and Champions League. And he is shown the door just now! What about the careers of players ruined at Chelsea FC? British transfer record Andriy Shevechenco is bought from AC Milan, because he is Roman’s friend, and comes to London to warm the bench. Not even warming himself up during the final! What about the likes of Hernan Crespo, Veron, S W Phillips, Glenn Johnson, Adrian Mutu, Kezmen, Obi Mikel, Anelka…. All these came to Chelsea and got their backside kicked! In total, Roman has splashed more than 300 million pounds (RM 2.1 billion) in buying and ruining footballers’ life! And he is making a mess, by bringing transfer fees and wages higher. Next target, Kaka? Robinho?

This amount of money can be channeled to fund so much more beneficial purposes amd activities, like setting up a great academy (like West Ham’s) or for charity organization. How many people around the world are starved to death everyday? But instead this bugger, from the Kremlin, whose money comes from drugs (last time) and oil (nowadays), feels that success can be bought! But let an insignificantly small Liverpool fan from Malaysia (me la!) tell you that it takes more than that! It requires passion, hard work, sacrifice, great patient to achieve greatness and success. Buying, signing, luring and scooping up players and managers with lots of money and high salary will make them play for you, and the money. But playing with heart and soul? No wonder Chelsea ended up empty handed this season. And now Grant gets the boot out of Stanford Bridge… Worst club in England? No… Just a little bit better than Derby…

Mr. Roman Abramovich (a bugger?)

So as Euro 08 starts without everybody’s beloved England team, it’s hard to see English football heading back to its pinnacle and summit...

I’ve no intension of hurting Chelsea fans. You’ve great players in Terry, Ballack and Lampard, but it’s a fact the way Roman and Kenyon run things make me irk and disguised.

Yala, you are the best in the world (currently),
until Torres suites himself with Liverpool in the EPL further!


Ivan said...

Well said mate... Indeed, Chelsea possessed so many caliber players yet they failed to perform again and again. Perhaps the moral and ethic part of the club had taken its toil on the club. haha.. Good!!!

May all the big shots leave Chelsea and I don't care who they bring in.. No matter how good the new players are, the lack of team play and bonding will ultimately lead the club to the oblivion, just like Barca... lol...