Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Room Wall

This is one of the most boring weekend i've ever had... And it is almost 2.00 am now... I am I Am Legend in Uniten. Not to say i look like Will Smith la...

Nice movie anyway...

Everybody has went home. I spent the weekend playing games, watching movies (Rambo 4, Stardust, I am Legend, The Young and The Furious 3, Game Plan), had lots of sleep!

So i decided to have a look at my own room... Yea, this is part of my room's wall-paper. Hopefully by seeing this every time, i'd feel rather at home, or somewhere i belong....--- Crap la!

Yea, some of my favourite posters!

So everyday, when i open my eyes (back home), i see Avril, i see Linkin Park, i see MCR, Jay Chou, Michael Owen, N'Sync, Justin Timberlake..... And they see me sleep every night! -.-!!!

Luckily went out jogging for the past 2 days with some good friends. And thanks for the fried rice mates! It taste really good!

I'd better catch some sleep and stop wasting my time doing nothing...