Friday, May 30, 2008

Heating Water in Microwave???

Everyone knows what is a microwave oven. It's a great invention, and very convenient to use.

Recently, there was this guy, in the US, who tried heating up a cup of water using a microwave oven. After microwa-ving it for 5 minutes, he took the cup out... Well, the water wasn't boiling, but all of a sudden, the water splashed out, with great intensity, burning his face and hands. He suffered 2nd degree burns... Blisters and burns all over...

What happen was that the energy is diffused in the water, after being brought into the environment out of the microwave. General Electric engineer carried out this following experiment. Take a look at the amount of energy in the clip


We don't heat water or liquid using microwave ovens. This is just a gentle reminder to all my friends and fellow bloggers. Take care guys!

PS: Chelsea sacked Ten Cate, their assistant coach, after assuring his place is safe 2 days ago, and are finding a manager who is "lovable"... No integrity, no truthfulness. This is not the way to re-image an ill-imaged football club!