Thursday, April 24, 2008

The World's MOST & BIGGEST

How good is your general knowledge??? tanweeser dot blogspot presents to you the world's MOST & BIGGEST objects, inventions and structures you've ever seen... See if you heard of those! Some really showcase the brilliance and intelligence of man-kind.

The Biggest Airplane : Air Bus A 380 (with 555 passengers)

Everybody should know this la!!!
SIA is the first buyers... Kia Su???

The Biggest Passenger Ship: MS Freedom of The Sea (with 4300 passengers)

Look at the boat beside the ship...

The Biggest Office Complex: Chicago Merchandise Mart, Illinois, Chicago

I believe there is tendency to get lost during working hours...

The Biggest Palace: Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania
(with more than 500 bedrooms, 55 kitchens, 120 sitting rooms)

There won't be any water leaking in this Parliament House!!!

The Tallest Stature
: Christ The Redeemer Stature, Rio de J, Brazil

Jesus looks from heaven

The Biggest Stadium: Maracana Stadium, Rio de J, Brazil (with capacity of 199,000)

Forget Nou Camp, forget Old Traddford, forget Bukit Jalil Stadium

The Most Expensive Stadium : The new Wembley Statium, London (with 90,000 capacity)

It costs a walloping USD 1.6 billion (RM 6,800,000,000)!!!

The Most Expensive Hotel: Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai
(the only 7 star hotel in the world)

Cheapest Room : USD 1000 (RM 3,800)/ night

Royal Suite : USD 28,000 (RM 106,400)/ night

OMG!!! Can you believe the room rates??? Insane to stay there???

The Most Complex Road Interchange: Interstate 10 Highway Interchange, Houston, Texas

People may get lost and never find the correct turning there!
KL roads seem simple and easier now...

The Longest Bridge: Dong Hai Bridge, China (32.5 Km)

Are there rest places or toilets along the bridge???

The Biggest Airport : JFK Kennedy Airport, New York, USA

A view to cherish...

All the above are some of the greatest objects on earth... The human race is capable of accomplishing anything... It is really sad, nonetheless a waste and big loss when technologies are being mis-used and develop for bad intension and purposes...

We are responsible for what we are...



Anonymous said...

you have two things wrong here. the biggest plane is NOT the a380. the biggest current plane is the antonov-225 myira, and the biggest airport is Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok Intl Airport.

cruSadER said...

Oh really?

THanks for the correction.

U take care.