Thursday, March 6, 2008

Charity At Aborigin Village - Cameron Highlands

Before I begin my post, highest tribute to the organizing committee and everyone from Moral 2 Section 2 Sem 2 07/08 for the success in our community project! You guys rock

Organizing an event in the middle of a jungle (with no phone lines) for 130 people is not child's play. You need to think of the flow, the safety, the food, the conditions, the time.... It took us 2.5 months of meetings, brain-stormings, plannings, debatings, scoutings.... Led by our charismatic Tan ZK, we finally came to the day of our camp.

We chose Kampung Terisu and Kampung Sg. Jarik in Cameron Highlands as our serving area for 3 days 2 nights (22-24.2.08). It was no doubt a memorable event (probably the best i've ever involved!).
I took an hour of rest before the day, but a few insane (afer, gurmesh, mahjong gang ppl, mp) rather play CS or glare into thin air thru the night.

We started at 3.30am, loading 85 stacks of rice, 70 boxes of minerals waters, 75 packets of Milo, goody bags, food stuffs.... The 16 of us were the Mighty Gang (TTK, Portocol, Logistic, F & A, and our AJKs), that went up at 4.00 am using the small bus. The rest of students departed at 7.15 am.

We reach around 1.00pm. It wasn't an easy journey. It's more remote than I expected!

Academic consciousness was theme and objective. The Program Bureau led by May Peng did a fantastic job coming out with more than 15 different modules for kindi, primary, and secondary level. Kudos to the back-bone of the camp!

I was in-charge of Protocol & Safety, aka becoming the bad guy. So i had to retract myself of being too "SS" and made sure i put up a brave and fearful face! My assistant "susu", along with my ajks Peng You, Sze Yoong, Mei Ying, Davindran were given the tasks to look after discipline, safety, first-aid, night shift, time line, and of course following all protocols. They helped me a lot and it was a great Job. Thanks guys! It was a pleassure working with you all!

After reaching there 16 of us, the Mighty Gang started work straight away. The TTK led by Wei Bing went straight to settle the opening ceremony, F & A led by Thian went to prepare the lodging and lunch, Logistic led by aunty Yong organize the shuttle bus and pick-up with Mr. Siva (we hire him to take us in the kampung as the road is too small for 40 pax bus). The rest of us went promoting the event door by door (we went to around 90++ house) giving out goody bags and stuffs.

The opening went out well. It was a great turn-out. Mr. Azzizul, our advisor was terrificly impressed with TTK's opening torch, that light up once it was placed on the stand! The hall was full! And all of us were to stand the whole function. We also had ice-breaking and t'aaruf.

At night, we had a movie watching session, where we played Alvin & The Chipmonks for the villagers.

They watched it, and we promised more to come the following day!

For the next day, it was a pack schedule for all of us (esp. May Peng, Mak (ketua fasi) and my self to get the whole program running). We had 5 modules, a competition, and need to train the kids for the "Malam Seni" performance night.

To my astonishment, everybody did so well and that we had always 5-10 minutes to spare for our time-line. All moderators and facis deserve the acknowledgement. whether is following the time-line set by us or buying time when their modules have finish.

Modules were divided into 3 levels. Everyone had something to do!

It was really nice to see eveyone trying their best in everyones' duty and job-scope.

(Left) So much fun!!!

(Left) A Picture drawn by a primary school boy.

(Left) The hall is always full packed with people. The JHEOA said this was the first time. Not event artists pulled such a crowd!

What to do when RTM came to shoot for Selamat Pagi Malaysia???

Of course la... Need to say meh??? (GG people)

(Left) The competition

(Left) Taking a break outside the JHEOA office

At first everyone were a little bit shy and felt we were in a different world.

But as time past, we got used to it and really enjoyed the day!

All the modules were carried out according to plan and the time was (unbelievable-ly) accurate!

Maybe because all of us were Non-M and were willing to work unselfishly! After rounds of rehearsal and practice, the facis did a great job, so were may peng's hard working ajks!

Hip hop + Rock + Black metal + Punk???

The performance night was as good too!

The kids sang and perfrom on stage to the delightment of their parents! The night went out well!

(Left) Rasa sa..yang HEY rasa.......

(Left) The Ultraman Dance

(Left) An interesting drama by ZX's group. Raymond seen cying away.......

(Left) We performed Belaian Jiwa and Kau Ilham Ku Un-pluck! Of course i was among the guitarist la!

The next day was the last day of our camp. We started by cleaning the school where we'd stay for the pass 2 days (SMK Kampung Terisu). The rest of us went out house by house to deliver the rice and milos, and at the same time promote our closing ceremony.

For the school, we had did a mural for them, led by Communication Supremo Yee Siong and the gang. Nice art work considering everyone are either engineers or IT people! RTM took videos of
it too!!!

Closing went out fine... Job well done!

Where can you find so a big bunch of nice people around???

Once a team, forever a team!!!

Let's go home!

Special entertainment news from crusader's blog.... There is new coverage of Edison Yong. Root of problem is also caused by sleeping!

Please respect privacy. No names mentioned!

As a whole, it was a great event! Our advisors were very happy. It was totally run by us students. A lot of people sacrifised and worked very hard along the way. Thank you everyone for the hard work! Let's hope that we'll co-orperate again in the future!

My hard working ajks that help guard the school and quarter master 24 hours, getting the first aid kit around the village and making sure that everyone is safe. Thanks guys!!!

Acclaimation: Sometimes i had to raise my voice or be extra strict in order to make sure everything is right. I have no choice because everyone's well-being is at stake, the whole flow and the protocol is second to none too... I would apologize is i made any of you unhappy or dishearten. We had to make sure all 130 of us come back home safely without any mishap. It was a responsibility the Exco Board took to ourselves. Sorry if i somehow made any of you stressed-up.

So our charity at kampung orang asli ends here.

In 3 weeks time i'll have my finals, which i haven't open my book at all..... Sad case.... Next week IET is having 2 very good events. Hope you all can support us. Let me know if i can provide you with more info on those events! I'll be more than gladful to do that.

PS: Torres in on fire, so is Liverpool. 2 consercutive hat-tricks at Anfield, no question about class.