Friday, February 29, 2008

My CNY 08

2 weeks after coming back from one whole week of chinese new year, i finally can do a post on it! It's due my busy lifestyle after coming back to uni. It's always a festival my family cherish all the time. And as we are grow up and continue our studies, cny has become the few rare occasion that the four of us can spend time with our parents!

Preparation for reunion dinner (BBQ chicken wings)

Wow... Nice to see, nice to eat!

I spent first and the second day in JB, and we balik kampung for the next 3 days in Melaka... During this few days, i was lucky enough to meet up with my cousins (some of them are very successful). One of them is ah quan (aunty's son), who does his family logistic business. So he ask me, whether next time i'd want to work for people or do my own business. As a young and inexperience chap, i said i'd work for myself (i strive hard and the end of the day, the business is mine) rather than work for others, as when i retire, i've nothing! But surprisingly, he said NO! It's the same! According to him, i must work as hard (no matter working for who), because when other bosses see you can work hard, they'll give you a business to manage! (Make sense right?)

Another fantastic lad is ah kee, one of the most successful cousin i have. He stress that we should be loyal, hard working and always be humble. "Help others and others will help you". There is no such thing as "It does not worth all my effort". Everything we do must be done well! Do not be too calculative or materialistic. God is fair..

All these advice are great for me... It meant a lot to me, to tell me that i am on the right track.

CNY was great, what's more, Uniten was having our mid-term. So i had the longest holiday of all!

Mahjong competition

Went to Jonker Walk in Melaka. Happening place!

My family (father) has always followed our family custom. We are hokkien, and the 9th Day is as important as the 1st day!

We did with vegetarian style (5 fruits,6 sweets,6 misc.)

I have a gang of warriors, from Atlantiz FC. And thanks to a few committed members (chew, ong, boy, ivan), we had our team shirt, 08 edition. We had our visiting on Saturday! It was really nice to see everyone (including freinds' parents, siblings) still healthy and happy! Good Luck Atlantiz! (visit our life at http"//

Team photo at ong's place

That night itself, i booked a mid-night bus back to KL in order to have lunch with my former boss- Dr. Philip and other GSP scholars on Sunday. I reached around 4am and want to thank to my roommate for the early ride! We had Japanese Cuisine at a hotel in KL (forgot the name la), which Dr. Philip forked out around RM 2000++ for 20+ of us.

Past and present GSP scholars with Dr. Philip and wife at his house in Taman Desa (all scholars from Uniten, can u believe it?)

It was a great week for me to relax and recharge. And i am raring to go and take up more challenges! Hopefully i can cope with everything!

Ps 1: Liverpool 2 : 0 Inter Milan -->> What a game!!! Hail the Kop
Ps 2: The reason i post this outdated post is because it means a lot to me, my family and friends, and that i was just too busy to post it earlier. More to come!