Saturday, February 2, 2008

Blog Maintainance (due to some error and fault)

Yeah, Chinese New Year is getting closer and closer! Can't wait to go home and eat, gamble, drink, play, visit old friends....

Yesterday was a great day too. Spent almost 200 bucks in new year clothes! One year once ma... I am those typical guys who seldom shop or stuff my wardrobe with lots of funky or hip-hop clothings. So, i shop and go around KL hunting for cloths once a year.

Shopping somehow quite satisfying also la!

Due do my short term memory, and some care-less-ness, i didn't put some pictures in my post as i promised the taggers!

This one is to conjugate my post on The First National Youth Entrepreneurship 2008 (posted 21st January). Miss K went crazy for the organizing chairman - 24 years old Joel Neo, winner of reality TV show The Firm.

The last photo available before Joel sped off to another function (even the rest of us didn't get to take pic with him)

The next pic is for the Uniten Cup final (posted 29th January)... On a sunny and bright day,

The most fanatic football fans around???

I still remember when i was still small, i'd always dislike wearing red-colour shirts, thinking that it is girlish, and my mom will give up buying reds for me, because i just would not wear. But this year, i plan to wear red during 1st day of CNY.

Got this from Giordano

Jay Chou is coming to town later. He's coming to 1 Utama to promote his new movie. Well, i am more interested to see him sing... So i hope i would get a change to glimpse one of the most covered and talented artist in Asia later... (of course i'll cover it in the next post of my blog!)

Hope i won't get sardined in 1 U later!

Ps 1: crusader apologizes if he left out some important pics from the last previous post. At tanweeser.blogspot, we hold on to "service above self" for our customers!

Ps 2: 3-4 years ago, today was a special day... Hope she's doing fine.


karen said...

yo weeser...

so touched and happy that you remembered to post up my BEAU-TI-FUL pic with joel neoh~~ wakaka....=P super duper uper... EXCITED!!!

and yea... it was a great weekend to go spend money right. red shirts are nice ok?!? must change that thought already.

so, its already CNY mood. and wish you all the best for your test... and a prosperous and joyous CNY celebration ahead. enjoy yourself to the max. shall c you again... SOON~~~

crusader said...

of course i'll upload ur beau-ti-ful pic with joel...

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happy chinese new year mate!!!