Tuesday, January 29, 2008

UNITEN CUP FINAL - Sao Paolo 1 : AC Milan 1 (Milan Won Thru Penalties)

Few hundred soccer crazy fans crowded the uniten mini-stadium yesterday to watch the "cup" final, between Sao Paolo, and AC Milan (just names). It was a match between the seniors (3rd year) and juniors (second year), where i had a few friends in the Sao Paolo team, i.e. Gary, Rao...

How could I miss it??? I had Numerical Methods test at 3pm (hardest maths subject in Uniten, need to use 3 calculators to do!), and i rush to the stadium to catch the second half...

It was a full house that day!

When i reached there, Sao Paolo lead 1-0, but with 10 minutes to go, AC, with physical advantage equalized... Added time was next, but hte score line remained... Up came the cruel penalty shoot-out...

Sao Paolo lost it in the shoot out.........

A disappointing Sao Paolo team getting their medals

AC are champs !!!

To play under the hot sun for 2 hours, on a full field length, and all the tense and pressure, both teams deserve equal credit! Great game, no question about that.

The AC win proved that all sports should be colour blind, and free from dirty tricks. Sports and politics don't mix... So to see the sorry state of the national team just makes me irk and sad...

And to my friend Gary (former Royal Selangor Club player, and also one of Uniten's top student), great job and you are really good, mate!

For me, I like football very much, maybe it's because i come from a SMK with 2 fields. I used to have a bunch of friends, and we grew up together, and have a football club (apparently) - Atlantiz FC. (my email username from crusaderz@live.com = CRUSADER of atlantiZ FC)

Manager Chew got our blog started at www.atlantiz0.blogspot.com. This are friends who i've knew since form 1, and some of them knew each other since as early as standard 2. A lot of great memories together... We are a bunch of great gangs-ters, which took everything by storm!!! (maybe not so geng la)

Chinese New Year is coming, so is Jay Chou!!! Starting to feel the excitement and festive mood! I'll see what i can do this weekend (die, not yet buy new year clothes...) Hope everything will run well!

Ps : Liverpool FC are currently in a mess off the pitch, all because of the new American co-owner, how many times must i stress that sports + politics = dead end ???