Thursday, January 3, 2008

Minister's fall, lesson to all

The new year just arrived, with the news coming along.

Yea, the recent big news is of course is that one of the MCA's big shots being shot down quite so emphatically. Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek resigned 24 hours after the press quoted and sent waves of news about the "DVD" around the country... The press helped to kill him...

Dr Chua packing his stuff after resigning all party and government post

"I don't want to burden" was the quote in today's paper... He didn't want the party or any supporters to defend such a tough "defensive" defence. I think he is broad and brave enough to admit his mistake.

Politics are the dirtiest things around, filled and full with internal battling and fight. Dr Chua's down fall was cause by the vicious plot and betrayal of people he trusted. I feel a little unworthy for someone who had serve the people, esp. in the health care line for so many years to go down like that. Nevertheless, what he did wasn't correct too... People aren't perfect anyway.

That one act will haunt him for years to come because he was left with no choice. In an era where accountability is taken seriously, there is no way he could have stayed on in his job. But he chose to shoulder the responsible. I'll applaud that courage and bravery.

Unlike some others, he did not try to hide behind denials and political polemics. Or taking advantage of so called "forgetful" Malaysians. One good example is the Altantuya case. Seems it's getting cold nowadays! That prominent political analyst still don't want to admit that he is somehow connected to the case... And there are still umpteen datuk-datuk or YB-YB outside covering their mistakes or playing the accusation game. Dr Chua knows who is behind it, but he is tired, tired to continue playing the game. It's no more important to him.

What i wish is to see that Dr Chua and his family get the breathing space they need to get thru this very difficult period. Dr Chua is a responsible man, and a good leader, because he'd not point his finger at others but instead coming forward and admit his mistake. He thinks for his people and their future. God bless, as his wife and family are behind him.

Who are we not to forgive him?


Ivan said...

A man is always gotta bear the consequences of their deeds. Only pussies play the blaming game. People always oversee one's contribution and instead putting all their attention on one's misdeed. Even saint makes mistakes, what more plain mortal like us? Leave space for others is way of showing mercy to ourself. Though he had done the wrong thing but his contribution and commitment to the people shall not be question... All the best!

crusader said...

Agree with you atlantiz_6!
As all johoreans, it's really a bit reluctant, esp. the elections are near.
Wish all the best to dr. chua and his family...