Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ist of 21st

It has been a while since I sat down recapping and reflecting what I’ve done in my life…

Well, it seems that I’ve been thru some great experience and occasions. Especially for year 2007, it has been very very memorable year! And when I look back for the past one whole year, for all the ups-and-downs that I came across, I feel very very blessed that I always had my family and a bunch (and also branches) of friends beside me, defying, confronting and taking on all the adversity that came my way. It was a really challenging year for me. The study stress, club activities (pkc, drama team, iet, patw, amanah), personal stuffs…. All had taken its toll on me… But somehow I managed to pull and drag myself up again and again after falling down. I never know and understand how….


God has always kept an eye over me….

Last year somewhere this time, I was very down and out. Nothing went right for me… I even blog my “frustrated-ness” at

But looking back, what a year………what a life……..

Yesterday was one kind of a day for me… Thank you to all my lovely and great “mahjong gang” friends that “kidnapped” me for a night out. I really appreciate it! And also to everyone that spend some $$$ in calls and messages that flooded my phone message inbox, thank you, thank you and thank you! I will try my best in what I do and not disappoint all of you! All the best to all of you.

"Spared" a bash!!!

For a twist of tale, I actually had Thermodynamics test 1 yesterday, but in a rare occasion, the test had to be postponed because of a rare black-out at the library! My day??? Lol…

Last weekend I went to Melacca for PKC’s “Da chuan cheng”, which the current board led by Ping Yew did a good job… Sigh, suddenly remembered the busy and buzzy days during my term and tenure in Chinese Society. After “Da chuan cheng”, I (with a few other “old houses”) am (are) officially retired (not retrenched!). Life those days were full with meetings and filled with activities that needed attention and “reinforcement”. Well, I guess all these stuffs made everyone of us “grow-up” and mature (it’s really beneficial for our EQ!).

The "new" and "old" board are also "photo-crazy" people

Coming up will be all the tests and quizzes. I am a little out of pace lately, and hope that I can catch up soon. Other than that, IET will have a few more activities, and I have the Moral 2 project (Charity at Kampung Orang Asli, Cameron H.). Hope everything will turn out fine!

Today is my first day being 21, nothing special or particular. I don’t think I found new freedom or anything that associates with it. Because I have already had my share when i grew up, and have very understanding and considerate parents that gave me everything I needed “suitablely”. Thanks for the life… I hope I’d make you all proud when I grow up…

And as for all my friends, you all rock! Stay cool and wish you guys have a successful 2008!