Thursday, January 31, 2008

German Pop

Today, i had german class, where my lecturer Frau Farah gave us the album from a german pop group. Do click on this link to download it

---> Alfred's (The rocker) URL

Enjoy the songs! Quite nice... But don't understand la... (So learn German lo!)

On the other hand, i am going to buy my new year clothes tomorrow... Last minute edy la....

And Jay Chou is coming to town this Saturday at ! Utama. Go to Kenny Sia's blog (in my links at the side bar of this blog) and check it out...

But before all the fun, i still have Thermodynamics quiz tomorrow... And worst still, got EMD test next Tuesday... Everything has it price! (really...) First we work, then we play...

Ps 1: To my German class friends, thanks for visiting my blog. Rock on' (using german!)

Ps 2: Alfred needs some time to upload all the songs, as connection in uniten apartment is not veery fast. Check the link out tomorrow guys! Enjoy the songs!