Monday, January 21, 2008

The First National Youth Entrepreneur Convention 2008

Yesterday (or i should say the day before yesterday, as it is 12.46 am now) was a great day for, not only for a group of young undergrad-wanderers, but also for the nation's top youth entrepreneurs.

I attended the "The First National Youth Entrepreneur Convention 2008" at PWTC with a bunch of friends, along with members from AIESEC UPM. Special thanks to the aiesec upm for getting us a bus and sort us in groups with the help of my bloody roommate ch.

Well, i woke up at 6.10am (the earliest this year) and took the most coolest bath of all times!

We went to upm to catch the bus to PWTC, and after registering ourselves, we went out to find breakfast... But ended at McD at The Mall.

What to do??? The food inside PWTC for 1 meal = 3 meals at Upten

The conference started on time at 9.30a.m. with Dato Liow Tiong Lai, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, officiated the opening.

The first session is the forum by the "technopreneurs". From the title given, we know that there are "technology-ly people"! Very very impressive to start-off was Kenny Goh Chee Kin (29 years old), who is the Co-founder and CEO of Macro Kiosk Bhd. The award winning company expanded from a mere 9 men team to over 120 employers, with business in over 10 countries around ASEAN region is just 6 years! "When people were writing transcripts, i was writing business plans", quoted Kenny.

Second to speak was Ng Khai Lee (24 years old), the co-founder of He shares his stories at He is more of a funky guy with lots of ideas. He projects excitements and passion in doing the things he like.

The best seat we can find...

For bloggers, the third speaker wouldn't be an unknown either. Co-founder of Nuffnang, the online advertisement giant, Timothy Tiah (24 years old) took the Malaysia and Singapore blogger sphere with a storm by his idea of advertising thru blogs. His clients range from companies like AirAsia, Digi, Maxis, to Honda, Nike, Citibank.... But he is a very very humble and down to earth guy, even when he speaks to us.

And the fourth speaker is (from Malaysian Book of Records) the youngest CEO of a public listed company, Ganesh Kumar Bangah (29 years old). He is the CEO of an online gaming giant, MOL Access Bhd. He started his business journey when he was 15! And he earns around..... don't need say la.

From left: Kenny, Tim, Kidd Chan, Khai Lee and Ganesh

Next up was a luncheon talk by Dato Ong Tee Kiat, Deputy Minister of Higher Education. He was a good speaker! Stressing the need of youths to self-improve while taking the good essence from the experienced.

And the lunch was fine.

Of course we gaze around and wait, it's Kenny (Sia) ! Haha, nice to see him again! Last time I met him in a bar (MOJO) in Kuching, and i think he is just the same... He would give an insight later, as a blog entrepreneur.

Malaysia's No. 1 blogger (Dato Ong sitting on the right side)

Coming-up after lunch was the Trendsetting session, kick-started by the winner of Nescafe Kickstart TV reality show. Oh Joo Nee (24 years old), who is also the founder of Let's Dance Studio is really really.... argh, you see the pic yourself below la!

Talented, sweet, polite, intelligent, great figure, humble, friendly.. anything you can imagine la!

Where to find???

Next up was Kevin Zahri (28 years old), who is a fitness trainer, and founder of and He is now known as Cikgu fitness for AF4. He is also good in mens' health!!!

Kid Chan (28 years old), the Founder and Director of Kid Chan Studio, is a photographer who shoots for the big shots, e.g. Siti Nurhaliza's wedding, Clarie Blair's potrait, Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, and has clients ranging from Asia across Europe, and the USA. Very very impressive! "Great brands deliver", he said. Luck played a part too.

Kid, mobbed by us, in sun glasses... So "yeng"!

Music entrepreneur Mia Germain Palencia (23 years old) was next. She is a singer and song writer from Sabah. Followed by my blog-idol Kenny Sia (24 years old). His blog at is still the most viewed blog in Malaysia, with funny and wacky post that sometimes get criticism too. Nevertheless, he is admitted he had a humble begining and never dreamed to have all the fame and publicity he gets today.

The third and last session was the leadership session, which was the one i was waiting for.

Raj Ridvan (24 years old), co-founder & International Director of Science of Life 24/7 has helped develope more than 25,000 youth across ASEAN countries. His selfless desire to help youths with holistic education and self-development should be applaud and to my astonishment, he is a "Yo man!! Wat's up yaw!" guy. That stress that you must have the commitment in doing the stuffs you do. And yes, he's a part time DJ... Cool!!!

This guy is an IT expert, and at 16, awarded Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in ASEAN, and at 17, Youngest Certified System Engineer in ASEAN...

At 16-17 i was still playing Fifa and "san guo zhi", while chatting thru ICQ....

The Millionaire Sisters, Nor Akma Hanif (30 years old) and Aida Nurlin Hanif (27 years old) was next to talk. They gave an energetic talk, but some weren't so impress and disagree with the elements they discuss. They stressed to much on "just follow your mentor" or "ikut sahaja". Nonetheless, they are CEOs of Platinum Wealth Adivisors, with Aida driving a Porsche when she was in UiTM.

Last speaker was the winner of reality show The Firm. A guy who will "kill" every girl's heart at first sight --- Joel Neoh Eu-Jin (24 years old), the project manager of the conference, founder of & The Youth Intelligence BHD. Pure talent, i would say... No wonder Miss K got crazy........

Well i managed to pop a question during the leadership forum too. It's about managing people, who are, say elder or more experienced than you... I got some tips from the speakers though.


The conference ended at 6.00 pm and there was an exhibition at the top floor... I had even registered myself as a voter for the coming general elections! Just passed 21 right??? A youth right??? Be a responsible citizen! Vote for ***

At the end of the day, it was a great one. I broaden my horizon and realized that nothing is impossible, and that we have to strive hard to achieve our goals. It was obvious what i saw during the conference were the success and glamour stories. But i believe there are even more untold tales behind every fairy tale... be it failures or disappointments.

So to all of us who are still youths, remember that "youth comes but once in life"! Let's try our best and no regrets!!!

Empowerment: YES WE CAN!!!


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I'm really envy you to have such a great opportunity... Its really great to be there. How I wish I can attend those to get some fresh new ideas or inspiration... CHeers!!!


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i so miss Joel Neoh!!!
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