Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Tomorrow is Hari Raya Haji! Holiday again!!! Friday classes are canceled, so is monday's.... Would have gone home tomorrow, but i have to rush my proposal this friday.

Yes, proposal of the Genting Sanyen Trip is (we say) "sangkut" at HEP (hal ehwal pelajar). So after pestering my desk officer (En. Fariz) almost everyday (sorry for that) for the past one whole week (but he can't do anything), i decide that i would his the director of HEP myself just now! I got permission from the clerks and they were a little stunned of what i was going to do. Nevertheless, the proposal has been inside for 3 weeks and still "tersangkut", and TNCP haven't sign yet.

I had to "camp" outside Puan Nora's (HEP Director) room to see her. True enough, she haven't open and read thru my proposal, as there were lots of other proposals waiting for approval. She promise me that i'll get a reply on friday (actually it was i who set the date to see her again on friday, in case the holiday mood drag her back). "Jumaat mesti boleh", she said. We'll see...

I hope i can get it thru on friday. On the other hand, tickets were sold out at pudu. So i guess i am fated to spend the festive season here...... But i'll try going to pudu on Saturday to check whether there are any tickets left (to JB).

Well, this is just a sneak preview in organizing and holding events in Uniten... Of course, there are lots of better student leaders who can organize stuffs better than myself!

But the main issue for this post is not organizing activity...

Just now i just finish our Moral 2 project, where we are going to do charity work at Orang Asli village. I remembered the Moral 2 class yesterday night. The lecturer, En. Zz, with around 120 of us (mixture of nons), started the class wanting to have an open discussion. He was a psycho. He started lamenting the "uselessness" of his race and praising the contribution of the nons. It was really really fake!

He came up with some facts that were bias and outdated. Those were sensitive stuffs to talk in front of us, but he continued... E.g. he insisted that population of the bp are at 45% only, and compared to the rest, the bp are considered "minority" and must be protected. But com'on, that is 20-30 years ago! Of course i answered him, he couldn't say anything! He thinks everybody don't know what is happening!

He tried to stir-up truths and made us mix-up... the psycho way.

These are sensitive issues, but with peace and the well-being of the country at stake, it shouldn't be stirred up and played along! U dare to say entering universiti is no more on quotas but on meritokrasi??? He dared to say out loud........ But everybody knows, we'd just treat it as a gift to the bp, we don't question those stuffs. We more a less accepted it as reality... But this chap comes up and u know, try to somehow "brain-wash" all of us, around 120 nons altogether.

He tried to play around with the idea of democracy, where majority wins. He knows in years to come, the bp can win any election easily. But we are not stupid either! The country's economy was brought up by our fore-fathers, with sheer hand work and bare hands... What we have is the willingness to work hard and continue improving ourselves. And we'll some how survive if we put in effort and continue striving!

But the killer blow was of course at the end of the class. He gave us a question on "proofs that there are inequality between bp and nons", and must write name and pass-up to him. Some of my friends wrote their hearts out, e.g. on quotas, business equity, shares, scholarships, positions in government sectors, awardings of government contracts, other religious issues........ Hah, what the heck???

U write your big name on the piece of paper with all these "essays" on it, and u'll get yourself dealing with the ISA. Now, you've passed up the paper and it's in their hands. Those are unquestionable stuffs according to our law and perlembagaan. So why play with fire?

I warned some of my friends. And they realized... U don't play around with these stuffs and issues! What's more if these hundred over papers of constructive criticizing is read by people who are less open??? The whole class will go down and get black-listed!

So why want us to write what's cannot be undone. It's the law, rule and regulations that we have to follow. Some of us are very frank and forward-minded, but all these psycho politics stuffs aren't suppose to interfere with our studies.... So please be frank to us as we are frank to u.

It's been 50 years and Malaysia is a developing country. We are unique as our diversity of culture. Tolerance, rational thinking and be understanding to each other remains the way for our country to improve and achieve further.

I love my country because i born and grew up here. I don't want to see this small bunch of unconsidered people ruin the effort of our fore-fathers, and of course, our future.

Ps: All are my own opinions, and subjected to personal interpretations and perspectives.


karen said...

these things arr, its not s simple s ABC, 123 or just do re mi... d mr Zzz, playing psycho game.of coz, we students have the right in a way o another.we just have to play with him.just look at it, in a bigger picture lo.still, he controls the game.we are GAME OVER mode, PAUSE mode or, we have to play till game ends... one advice, chill and the whole world chill along. wakaka...=P

crusader said...

well said!

Ivan said...

Dorky so called 'BPs' trying to psycho those non-bumies... yucks... Despicable... Beware my friend...Make our fore fathers proud!!!

Xu Shen said...

If i in the class , i would have ask him why bother to leave our names there ... I will ask him Was the feedbacks that he wanted or the people who give the feedback . Giving feedbacks with names, that's downright not democracy . Ask him try to vote with his name on the voting slip ? Anyway , since u know he won't read the paper,or even if he reads ,he won't believe/bother either , u might as well write nothing at all.