Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Eve + Visit Singapore Day

I intended to spent last weekend in uniten as the tickets down south was sold out. But very luckily. I was back in JB courtesy of my roommate's parents who gave me a lift back to JB on friday. They were going to singapore. Thank you so much uncle and aunty.

Atlantiz FC had the routine futsal practice last saturday. It was really nice to meet up with 10 of my school friends. All are still fine!

I hibernate at home on Sunday... We planned to go to singapore on monday. At last, only four of us got to go. The rest had other stuffs to do.

It was christmas eve...

We met up around 9 and had breakfast, and we headed straight to Singapore. Before continuing further, i must say a big thank you to the two tour guide, Atlantiz_6 (kai yuan) and Atlantiz_manager (sheu sheng) for bringing Atlantiz_11 (wee kang) and myself around singapore.

Our first destination was Kai yuan's U --- NTU.

Kai yuan, no. 6, right wing back, is one of the scholars of Atlantiz FC. Achieving 4 flat for stpm, this guy is taking bio-molecular and chemical engineering there.

Nice place to study!

College of arts and multimedia (not very sure of the full name)

The beginning of a long long day of 4 friends.......

Sheu sheng, no.0, manager, team doctor, head coach, fitness coach, scouting head, stadium manager, is studying in NUS. Also one of the elite members of Atlantiz FC, is taking science in NUS.

Admin building of NUS

Manager, 6, and 11... 2 of them still available. Anyone???

One thing about both NTU and NUS is they are very "green". I always thought that trees are running low in singapore. But they've proof that with proper planning and the right people, anything is possible.

Really very green la........

I dare to say no university in malaysia can compete with these 2 unis (not even UM). The environment is fantastic. The lecturers are really "equipped" and knowledgeable. You won't find half past 6 lecturers there, for all you know, they will get complains from students and get fired if they are bias or unprofessional.

You can imagine, when NTU houses a few top 15 stpm students from malaysia. While NUS is getting renowed recognition, you know that there must be something wrong in the unis in Malaysia. Both countries share similar culture and are so near to each other. What's the proble ??? They recognises talent and are fair towards everybody. Slackers and the weaker ones need to buck-up, and not getting special treatment. Healthy "competition" brings out the best in man.
Maybe this is why they are more successful... Although UM was once ahead of NUS. Sad scenario...

Next we went to Vivo City and did some shopping and had lunch at the food court. Wee Kang, no.11, center forward, got himself a funky beg and ky got a bag himself too. The keyword for the day was "Don't Convert". The bags cost around 40 Sing Dollars... Still ok la (if don't convert to RM). Lol...

We also went to Bugis street, the petaling street of singapore. We all had bought shirts and things we like, again, "Don't Convert"!

It's christmas eve, and you should be at somewhere (you belong)--- Orchard Road!!!

Christmas is here!!!

"Mountain people mountain sea"

Yes, according to my roommate, it was the highest visitors during christmas season, i think that night got around tens of thousands of people gazing around orchard road... Very very crowded.

Ya, House of Condom is there too, with party goers waiting for mid-night to arrive!

We went to Suntec City to see the "Fountain of Wealth".

"Show (projector) on water"

Very very beautiful!!!

We decide to leave earlier with fear of heavy traffic at the causeway. A cabber told us that orchard road will be closed between 1am till 5am for "party". After thinking twice, we'd go home earlier la....

We actually met with wue leong, Atlantiz_1, no.1, goalkeeper at the MRT station. He just finished he work at a sushi outlet. He basically directed us back home an alternative route as traffic was at a stand still in JB. We had dinner (supper actually) at 777 and coincidently met boey, no.7. right midfield there doing his "business"....

By the end of the day, we were really tired. What a day! But for me, it was a great experience to see and witness the success story of singapore, both in the education and tourism aspect.

Ps 1: Actually i have more pics with the manager, but i just can't receive it.
Ps 2: Merry (belated) christmas and a happy new year to u out there!!!


amy said...

heylo..u were in NTU on christmas eve huh? i was there tooo! yea i agree that the campus is very nice. i havent had the chance to go NUS though. i was at Orchard Road too. the place was sworming with people. no escape w/o getting foam on ur body ! now this proves singapore quite big huh since we didnt bump into each other, not even in NTU! haha. take care!


crusader said...

Oh, amy, really??? U were there in singapore!
Singapore proves to be not so small after all... hehe.

take care my freind..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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