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Around Johor Bahru

Before i start this post, apologies if u've visited this site for the past 1 month but only to see uncle lim's face! It was the holiday and my don't really have good internet connection with me. Now I am back at Uni and now is like 11.47pm. Common sense tell me i shouldn't wait anymore before i forget everything, everything that i did as a tour guide back in my home town! Yes, during the last sem break, a few friends (average controllable) came to JB to "makan angin"! The initial plan was the mah-jong gang will depart muar and reach my place on tuesday (the date i can't remember), but that morning, one of the "white board" got ill, and was admitted to hospital (i seriously don't know what they did there until like that) and they decided to come on friday... It was a cold Friday morning... I had woke up at around 6 in the morning (not because too nervous), as my bloody room mate is due to arrive around that time. He took a bus at 9 pm from sitiawan the previous day. Mr. Tan CH got first prize (first to arrive). What he did after reaching at 7am??? --->>> sleep....

Welcome to my HOME

The mah-jong gang arrived shortly after lunch time and Mr. Tan ZK arrived in the evening from KL..

The timing of the trip was a little bit out, as my younger brother was in the mist of his SPM. He deserved the calm and cool environment that i enjoyed when i took the SPM 3 years ago... We decided to check in a hotel... As students (no income, quite poor), i had made a survey around tun aminah, skudai for a reasonable hotel with a reasonable price tag.

Kingston Hotel, and Bamboo restaurant beneath it

But don't need to be so happy la, right?

This bunch of uni friends (majority) are first timers in JB. It's the first time these up north people come to the southen part of the country. Luckily they behave well... There were spreading of news like crime, "bomb making", gangsters, all those stuff in my taman. Haiz, misunderstanding la!!! I intro Tun Aminah to them SAFELY.

Firstly, how can i forget my school?

SMK Tun Aminah is not a premier school (rather a bit "rojak"), but its top students are in unis like NUS, NTU, UM, students with scholarships for ADP, JPA.... I would say the school is well balanced

During the duration of the trip, the tourist went to a couple of places around JB....

On Saturday, we had dinner together with my parents at a restaurant, and after that, we cross a few roads and go to tun aminah's weekly "pasar malam". Quite normal, because pasar malam culture is a norm in Malaysia. A few friends of mine were more interested in washing their eyes....
However, tour-guilding this bunch of tourist is not easy. They "gila gambar" and "gila poss" very much...

777 Restaurant is quite a land mark, and pasar malam is just behind it

Hey!, it's saturday night man! U'd come JB and expect to sleep at 10pm??? Those tourist are a little hyper-active. We went to ---- aha!

The Zon at night!

CH was amused, BH initially was un-mused, but later also amused, so was the rest. If compared to Jalan Ah Fook and Taman Sentosa, i felt this place was more decent and we toured the surrounding. The surroundings were as cool as the last time i came... After weighting the pros and cons, we decided to "wait and see" (maybe we'll come again next time). LOL, some were indeed disappointed, but next time u all come, we'll go in together la!

So we look at the scenery

And the sport cars there...

We hand out at a mamak near by, ate chicken wings.... CH kept on complaining (until today, even to my jb friends) on what a planning, i say go train thy beer's capacity before vomiting around JB la!!! ( just for laughts)

That Sunday was basically a whole day in JB. We went to BB hut, home of Boys' Brigade Malaysia, 1st Johor Bahru Company, where i was brought up and subsequently become what i am today. Discipline organization rocks... Not everybody is tough and resilient enough to take the challenge.....U know all the rules, hair,

We went also around town, and of course, city square (singaporeans' paradise) But that day was unusually busy and crowded. It gave me the Sungai Wang feeling.... But i hope my friends would understand and be interested in looking around. (wash eyes maybe???)

These people looks familiar..... Betting football in broad day light on the main road?

Oh, rupanya these people are in town...

What's the idea???

We had mee rebus Haji Wahid for tea at Angsana. I thought it taste good (always).

Later on, we went to Danga Bay... Danga Bay is a recent project by the Johor government to create a whole stretch of tourist and family entertainment area along "Pantai Lido" (The "sea" that seperates Malaysia and Singapore).

Of course that is not Singapore la....

Nevertheless, the scenery (i still haven't receive the pics from miss mp, so i can't upload it) was beautiful and was a nice place to hang out.

Did i brought under-age people along?

Looking at Singapore....

Ya, a few friends had unique explanations not to bring passport after coming all the way to JB. So, we just glance at the Lion City from opposite the Course Way lo!

One of my school days favorite food is the duck rice at TJ, near my school. And we had it for dinner, but i was sadden it lost to the muar duck rice.... but what to do, JB is more of a town area, cheap and nice food, arrgh, had to find!

That night, BH and YM went back to Ipoh. I'd hope they stayed longer, as it was really a little rush. Maybe can come again next time, to "ganti" la... Lol, along with beck, alfred the rocker, and.. anybody who is interested la!

After seeing them leave at around 10.30pm, we went back to rest. By that time, a few tourist went to sleep, so ZK, CH, KLC and myself went to Mc D around 12am, to....... play cards. Weirdly, this was the time i got feeling we are hanging out. Yea, the whole trip was taking its toll. Everybody was tired (i think exhausted). We left Mc D at around 2am. CH had an unforgettable night being the "invisible man". U know, like thin air, transparent??? for a round 2 hours. I forgotten what deed he did, but we were a bit overboard la!

On monday, I think my planning gave way. Guess what, we went to the famous Holiday Plaza in the morning! It was so primary school! Lol, what was suppose to be JB's most "messy" place was so decent and safe! They grabbed some clothes and CH started complaining again, this time blaming and questioning the rational to buy clothes in KL.

We went to the Duty Free Trade Zone to grab some liquor and chocolates. Ah, and had a few Daytonas USAs, and of course taking lots of pics. (when can i get those pics???)

I planned to bring them for tim-shum breakfast on tuesday morning. (Pity) i woke everybody up so early just to find the shop was closed on that day. Haiz, i don't know if its no "yuan fen" or fated la.... We had "mee hiung kuey" eventually...
In the afternoon, we sent Miss KCL to Senai airport to go back to Kuching... JB trip has come to an end. LC they all went back to Muar and CH took the night bus home that day.

!@#$%??? Excuse me...

I would admit the trip was not that smooth and steady as predicted. We had some minor problems here and there. But nevertheless, it has been a great pleasure to be host at the very place i come from and grew up. Do come again next time! (U all also not yet walk finish...)

JB was a bit noisier that few days........

Anybody reading this post who are interested or so happen u are in JB, do give me a buzz, and if i am free, i would like to show u around the place la!

Last Sunday, it was my bloody roommates birthday!

No birthday bash this time!
(But u think u can run away?)

But wait.......

Beer (Bavaria Red) + Egg york + Egg White + soya source (optional) + pepper (also optional) = birthday "shooter"

Yea, he made it.... Of course under the watchfull eyes of BH, Alfred and myself! Happy B'day la. The new sem has started for one week. This sem won't be that free either. I am currently on a site visit to Genting Sanyen Power Plant for IET uniten (28.12.07). Hope HEP approves it asap. Besides that, IET uniten is also lining up a series of other activities, e.g. Leadership and Management Talk, Transmitter Hunt, BBQ nite out, Present Around the World.....

Moral project to orang asli settlement in on the way too... Maybe that's life.....
To my friends reading this post (whether just start sem, or holidaying), take care and stay cool!

PS: I will say a yes for Fabio Capello to take over the most difficult job in world football - England Head coach.


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