Saturday, September 22, 2007

A tribute to PKC UNITEN

Time flies…

In this life, nothing is certain or be planned and followed just as planned. “There is no banquet that never ends”.

My life was never the same after joining this big family.

PKC means Persatuan Kebudayaan Cina. PKC UNITEN is one of the few big clubs in uniten... The scale and scope of activities are often official functions (we have smaller ones to) and is one of the clubs the HEP (students' affair unit) is always looking at!

Long long ago..........

I will confess first of all that I was never a Chinese-society goer in my schooling days. I was more of a brigade, or scout type, marching band, camping, and uniform organization people. I like polishing my boots (using kiwi, burn it using lighter or even stove just to make the shining effect last), my belt and buckers, or my horn (instrument from band).

I was nobody when I was first came here (I am nobody also now la!). But I was somehow pulled into this big family, which I don’t know was it by mistake, coincidence or I don’t know…. I was not very active at first…

But I always knew who were the seniors and people who were behind the scene doing unnoticed stuffs. Seniors like jm, sm, wp, and a lot more ( former exco board members) were the ones who brought me up the ranks. Thank you for the trust and support, I hope I didn’t disappoint all of you. (Apology if I did)
So, my romance with PKC started from the day i registered myself for the 1st Leadership Training Camp.

My teammates during my first camping in forest for a long long time (secondary school)...

Paint ball = pain ball ???

Good luck for the flying fox ! (I still can't understand why they call it flying fox! Don't have better name?)

The training camp was marvelous. It was really fun and i learned a lot of stuffs...

Few weeks later I was somehow nominated to become exco of the club (which astonished me quite a lot). I even wrote that in my blog at :

AGM 2006

The superman. jm is a mentor and a veteran of the club. These type of people command respect by respecting others...

So i opend a new chapter of my life.....

Well, we had lots of events and activities! All were fun. But that is from the outside. The meetings, disscussion behind doors, the brain-stormings... Wow, you will understand if you are someone who joins and organizes stuffs!

Last year's mooncake festival (Hey! this year's is round the corner la... So fast.)

PKC is the club and home for chinese culture. What is the biggest occasion on our calender???

YA, Our major event is always the CNY, no doubt a bout that!

Chin Heng, Keith and myself! (Different expression right?)

It's a big family (Memories are priceless...)

Besides the CNY, we had the "Watt Unleashed" concert. I must admitt i was one of the most committed guy in there (together with a few more guys). We like music and band very much, and want to see the concert as a success. I really spent a lot of time and effort on this event... Not just the art and deco, but to help out as a whole It was not easy, really not easy.

Live concert .... man!

The organizing chairman heong, the treasurer kelvin, and myself. (enjoying 'V' after everything)

We had other smaller activites like caligraphy competition for CNY, joining events by other unis, and of course my drama team's weekly activity.

We were in UKM for there chinese orchestra performance too!

There latest event was the freshie camp. Which i thought the organizing committe headed by may peng did a great great job. Congrates to the whole team!

My group -- sky lark. (The sky is our limit right?)

Went picnic at Putrajaya?


A year has passed just like that. The fun and thrills were accompanied by stress and tension. It was really a very pleasant time and a time well-spent ( in joining PKC). And to think that people can come together and selflessly contribute time, effort, money (not a lot lar), i feel very proud to be a part of this big family. THANK YOU to everybody related to the club!

AGM 2007 will be in two weeks time. And i am most probably stepping down because i have responsibilities elsewhere. I feel a bit reluctant to leave the crew but in life, don't we ALL have to move on? I'll be incharge for some parts of it, and hope thet i can finish all tasks given.

The history and tradition (i admit i dunno all of it) makes up the beauty of the club. The club is and will be in safe hands, and i will try my best to see it thru and over it, if not from the internal side. I will be very glad to contribute to PKC in the future, because of everything i got and learnt from it. Most of all, it's the bonding and friendship i got after coming thru all sorts of difficulties and diversity. Those are priceless moments and experiences that will always be part of my life.

What can i say more besides the best wishes to PKC and the up-coming board?


karen said...

it is a super great and cool post. like it la cz it's like re-telling the past stories where we gained and learnt alot from others and through ourselves as well. scrolling down the memory lane, just couldnt believe that a year has just gone like that. super quick... memories on the previous agm ws still vividly in mind and now, we are the one that pass on. haha...=P we had wonderful, magnificent time together as board, dont we? really feel the together-ness and one family sort of thing. however, setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan... sad to say, but truth is still out there. this post gonna be a gud piece of art when we read through in years to come lo... really cherish the time together so much...glad to have a fren like u~~