Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hong Kong Picture Edition

As promised from crusader's friendster blog (my previous blog), I have uploaded my pictures, and also a few short clips on my trip to hong kong.

Date : 24.08.07 (Day 1), Friday
At KLIA before departure

Queing to board the plane

Yea, follow the sign!

Before passing the sky-bridge

Cathay Pacific was just fine to fly.

My lunch that day! Noodles, chicken, bun, fruits, yogurt, coke, kit-kat .... not bad!

Welcome to Hong Kong .........................

Me, and the Boieng 777 that took me 2500km from home....

We took cab to City Uninersity of Hong Kong, and i was really really tensed up, but listen to what they (my advisors) were chatting with the teksi man!


The Competition ............

With me is event organiser, Isaac Hsu of IET Hong Kong. We were testing out the slides and sound.

Biggest challenge, biggest moment, biggest presentation of my life ??? (looking on are the 3 judges of the competition)

Finally it's over.......

The best meal i've ever was the cream of delicacy...... cost around RM 1k!!!

The restaurant is located in the uni itslef !!!

What a dinner it was! So, everybody is happy

The Central Of Hong Kong. Most Happening place in Asia?

Hong Kong - Night Life = Go Back Uniten Study!

(Cheers for U out there All the best ya!)

Date : 25.08.07 (Day 2), Saturday
Day started at 8.00 am
Started the day with a technical visit to CLP Power Center in Sham Shui Po. It is the main power utility of Hong Kong, with a efficiency of 99.99% Let's see what they have in their control and power quality center.....

The entrance.........
TNB better do more to improve! They are really serious about efficiency and quality!

Methods to increase efficiency in cooking... Check it out myself lar!

(They are doing all sorts of modification to save energy)

After the visit ....... The YMS committee went for the regioal meeting. So i went on a bag-pack tour around Hong Kong. Yea, it was a great experience for a small town guy like me........

Get set, Go! Go! Go!

Outside Jardine place in Central Hong Kong



The MTR station for Disney Land (Like Harry Potter's place...)

I am Here, at last (45 min on the MTR + 30 minutes of gazing and grazing around).....
(But sadly, i had no time to get in ... Next time i'll make sure i go in!)

So fast at night liao.... I think i walked for 6 hours non-stop that day !

They don't sleep, don't they?


Date : 26.08.07 (Day 3), Sunday

Day started at 8.00 a.m.

Breakfast is the most important meal for the whole day.

Luckily, i got to catch some tim-sum there (quite nice, but wallet hurts... but was worth it!)

Later, we went to the Sik Sik Yuen temple at Wong Tai Sin. God Bless Us!

So far so good lar..... Safe and sound !!!

Time to go! I was lucky to seat beside the window! The view, indescribable!

These are some of the pics and clips i took. It was really nice to be given the chance to compete outside Malaysia. I appreciate it very much!

My preparation was cope with the encouragements, support, and best wishes of all my friends out there. I really don't know how to express my gratitude to all of you.... As a simple and average guy like me, I am so happy to have U as my friend. The experience have taught me a lot. It only drives and encourage me to push further.

Now, it's time for me to concentrate on my studies. I have to make up time...

All I can say to U is THANKS for everything. I really appreciate what you all out there did for me! Take care my friend!

PS: Feel free to leave comments or some message in the shout-out box. It's nice to know if you are fine out there. Any suggestion to improve my blog are welcomed!


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